Two Industries Publicists Need to Know

The role of the publicist Imageis no longer to gain individuals the glamour and recognition that they seek.  This role has spread far beyond movie stars and reputation management.  Publicists main role is to be a promoter of corporations.  There are two continuously growing fields in which a good publicist can find their niche.


With the growth of start-ups and technology conglomerates on the global level, a good publicist can make the difference between a company going under and a company finding the client base that they so need, ultimately leading to success.  Good publicists can be hard to find.  Not only do they need a skills in PR, but they also need a knowledge base in the field and a good understanding of the technology, the competition and all of the surrounding factors.  Technology PR firms like have the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of technology, the filed and the products and substantially help those companies in need of help. 


Along with a stronger awareness of the pollutants which are harming out environment, there has been the advent of technologies and innovative ideas to care for the environment.  For example, recently, an Israeli firm created a technology to undo the damage of pesticides.  Publicists in this field need to have a strong knowledge of technologies, environmental issues and politics which surround the targeted issue.  These publicists must carefully evaluate how to help these ideas gain traction, while also being exceptionally careful of which words they use for their campaigns.  Using the wrong terminology may not only not attract potential clients, but may actually penalize a firm from gaining future clients and government funding and grants. 

Overall, these up and coming fields provide a fertile ground for publicists who want to have a lasting impact on the global economy.


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